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Artist Statement

“I started drawing and painting at the age of three and discovered the joy of just being. This journey of self-discovery moved me toward wholeness, facilitated awareness, supported personal growth, and helped me become more affective with in my life. My personal inner exploration and integration of this awareness through art-making helped me discover my true nature, abilities, character, and my soul. It is because of this experience that I paint. Art making is not just a process; it creates a map of where I have been in my life, reflecting my emotional state of being. I create art and through the creation of that art I am changed. I Paint because it makes me feel invincible and vulnerable at the same time. It is unpredictable, uncontrollable, and emotional roller coaster, exciting, full of life and passion. It’s full of the unknown. Like a mirror image of life. Art is medicine, and I joyfully share the discovery of this truth through my art in my life.“